Working at Signature

Working @ Signature

Through years of experience and commitment to continual improvement, we excel and strive to provide kitchens that are designed with both individual lifestyle and functional requirements in mind. We pride ourselves in providing products that are of high quality and innovative because we are able to combine style with practicality and timeless designs with technology. This is what makes us different.

Why work at Signature Kitchen?

(A) Career Development
As a market leader, we are committed to develop and train our future leaders, in order to enhance the career progression of our people through:

  • Opportunities for learning and development
  • Internal and External training programmes, to help you to achieve your individual career goals
  • On-the-job training programmes, to help you to get the most out of your career development

(B) Working Environment
We strive to provide a pleasant, friendly and healthy working environment for our people through:

  • Job stability with a public listed company
  • Convenient parking area (individual staff parking lot)
  • Conducive working environment with annual staff welfare activities
  • Comfortable and convenient area for meals and discussions

(C) Benefits
We provide a variety benefits for our people, as we prioritize our people’s work life balance and well-being in our workplace:-

  • Free parking
  • Staff meals: Breakfast & Lunch subsidy
  • Outpatient Medical Claim
  • Group Hospitalization Insurance
  • Group Personal Accident Insurance
  • Lifestyle Subsidy per month (Gym, Yoga & Aerobic)
  • Medical Checkup

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