Our Commitment to CUSTOMERS

We see our customers as more than just people who purchase our products; they are integral to everything we do at Signature. Their evolving needs and insights, inspire us to improve our own performance. We’re committed to delivering excellence and value in a way that not only meets our customers’ needs—but exceeds them. Signature feel responsibility for it’s customers as well as products and production processes. For these reasons, we strive hard to offer our customers certified reliability that our kitchen are of superior quality and are environmentally-consciously produced.

“It’s about more than just furniture… and more than just business”

Signature’s quality management focuses in analyzing our customers’ requirements, establishing and monitoring our processes, in order to produce products in accordance with market demands and global standards. In 2013, Signature was the very first kitchen manufacturer in Malaysia to become certified under the MS ISO 9001:2000 certification. This was followed by the successful migration to ISO 9001:2008 in 2010; reaffirming Signature’s commitment towards ensuring that the organization follows internationally recognized quality management principles.

Our Commitment to OURSELVES

At every level of our business, our people and teamwork is the key. When ideas are freely shared, we all benefit. This philosophy is at the heart of how we operate, and we never stop looking for ways to celebrate open communication with the pool of people we have, allowing them opportunities to constantly inspire us with their creativity, innovation and commitment to excellence. Making sure our people have what they need to reach their full potential – a supportive culture, access to training and technology required, healthy working conditions, and more – is one of our most important goals.

In the future, we plan to improve our knowledge and leverage research and development to improve our offerings, as well as wellbeing strategies to engage our employees. All of this leads us to deliver innovative products and increased value to our customers and stakeholders.

“Together we can do more and be more”

‘Signature Goes Green’. These words were just the starting point when Signature embarked on the initiative in 2010. Since then, we continued to rethink and change our processes, methods and products, and the ways they can be recycled and reused. Our efforts in sustainability blends with our sense of innovation, and provides insights into opportunities to improve what we do.

Sustainable Production

Lean is green

Lean manufacturing can be practiced in many ways. For us to achieve a sustainable production, it means operating in an environmentally sustainable way. This philosophy guides us in principle as we strive to improve in all aspects of our operations by utilizing ‘lean and green’ thinking.

We are involved in many ‘green’ initiatives within our own organisation by taking steps to reduce the direct impact of SIGNATURE’s activities on the environment, including measures to reduce resources and energy consumption in our offices and production plants.

For the years ahead, we continue to set a target for our energy consumption as well as resources such as water and paper usage, as we continue to review our processes to find more sustainable ways of doing things.

Looking Beyond Cost Savings

The company establishes objectives and encourages our staff to work out the details and best approaches that will create positive results to a sustainable environment. We hope for this initiative to become a part of our culture, not just for financial reasons but because everyone sees and understands the benefits from it.

Sustainable Partnerships

Signature has been awarded the Green Label certification from the Singapore Environment Council (which is also a member of the Global Ecolabelling Network) since 2009. Ecolabelling, as defined by the Global Ecolabelling Network (GEN), is a voluntary method of environmental performance certification and labelling that is practiced globally. Ecolabels identify overall environmental preference of a product or service within a specific category based on life cycle considerations.

Moving forward, ensuring that business partners share the same concerns towards the environment has become an important criteria in SIGNATURE’s partnerships with suppliers.

SIGNATURE works with suppliers who supply materials that conform to international quality standards such as the European Community’s BS EN 312 standard, applicable for both moisture-resistant and non-moisture resistant boards with E1 and E2 formaldehyde (a disinfectant and preservative used in its production) emission levels of 8MG/100g.

In our partnership with European suppliers, Signature markets appliances that carry the Ecotech label; a label carried by appliances that meet the highest standards efficiency. These appliances a guarantee of lower consumption and excellent performance, creating benefits for the environment, not to mention savings for the consumers. Our European partners, Nobilia and Biefbi, not only think green – they act green, with an environmentally sensitive attitude covering

all aspects of the kitchen manufacturing process. This attitude is best demonstrated by the fact both companies place high importance in ensuing the sustainability of the raw materials they use.

All Nobilia wood materials come from sustainably managed forests and controlled sources, and its PEFC certification documents Nobilia’s commitment to a sustainable environment and taking responsibility in handling precious wood resources.

All panels used for Biefbi furniture are ecological and certificated; they originate from recycled material and recyclable to 99%. The panels are certified according to EN 120 Formaldehyde content (E1 Grade). The performance characteristic and test methods for wood-based panels meet the EN 13986, the harmonised European standard for wood-based panels.

Sustainable Development in our PEOPLE

At Signature, the guidelines for quality and sustainability are instilled in the company values: Customer Passion, Teamwork and Excellence through:

  • Driving Excellence: Signature instills the sense of urgency in employees to continuously finding ways for improvement through setting and exceeding our own standards in getting more done with the same or fewer resources
  • Driving Efficiency: Aim for maximum process efficiency so as to minimise consumption of raw materials and energy
  • Reduce Waste: Efforts are taken to monitor and measure the usage of electricity, water, paper and printing,  in order to minimize wastages in these areas
  • Monitoring: Carry out regular audits to ensure effective implementation of policies and reduce the risk of any operational failures
  • Awareness: Increase the environmental awareness and knowledge of all within the organisation through awareness campaigns ad training
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