Shelter Home Visit

Shelter Home Visit 2016

On 17th January 2016, a large group of SIGNATURE staffs gathered to attend the Shelter Home Visit in line with the Group’s aim to aid the needy. The Group sponsored a few wardrobes and a kitchen cabinet set to the shelter homes, along with a total of RM2,726 in cash. Apart from the monetary donation, many of them also contributed in forms of food and daily use items such as towels, stationery, bottles, etc.

During the visit, Signature also conducted a cooking event with our in-house chef demonstrating a simple dish for children of the shelter home to learn and replicate. 

It was a truly fun and memorable event as children enjoyed the interactive activity and they felt overjoyed with the amount of gifts and love they received.

The visit certainly highlighted some of the values that we should instill in ourselves, particularly gratitude, empathy and the kind act of sharing. 


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